Botswana Delta swamp on a Mocoro DSC_5283




Glide through a maze of clear channels and opaque lagoons on traditionally made mokoro boats, once carved out of ancient Delta trees, but now made from environmentally friendly fibreglass. Discover the Delta, sitting mere centimetres above the water as you silently pass by unsuspecting wildlife. At the heart of the Delta lies a secluded network of waterways and islands where life slows down even further. Encounter grazing herds of elephant and red lechwe on palm islands, while crocodiles and hippos wade nearby under the watchful eye of the elegant African fish eagle.

Mokoro was traditionally hand carved out of the huge Okavango Delta trees, but are now made out of environmentally friendly fibre-glass in an effort to adopt sustainable practices in the region. Guests sit in front of a trained guide and oarsman, who stands firm at the boat’s stern, manually propelling the vessel with a ngashi pole, whittled from the branches of terminalia trees. Polers, as they’re fondly referred to, are introduced to mekoro from early childhood, expertly manoeuvring the narrow boat with precision, grace and speed.

The Okavango Delta is a vast inland river delta in northern Botswana. It’s known for its sprawling grassy plains, which flood seasonally, becoming a lush animal habitat. The Moremi Game Reserve occupies the east and central areas of the region. Here, dugout canoes are used to navigate past hippos, elephants and crocodiles. On dry land, wildlife includes lions, leopards, giraffes and rhinos. However, the bird life in these regions are equally rich in diversity.

I took this photo while on my first Botswana Delta photo safari trip. April 2019.