This is a milky way pano photo at the Spitzkoppe in Namibia DSC_2117-2




The arch near Sptizkoppe is a well known spot for photographers. For this reason, I arrived early in the day so as to get the camp site close to the arch as possible. With intentions of doing a time lapse through the arch on the 1st night, I had to re think my planning due to the number of people climbing up and down with their own cameras.

So out of my tent I came at 02:00hr and looked up. I decided that I would never get another perfect shot of the sky as then. The moon was on the rise to so it was now or never.

Here at Spitzkoppe you’ll find bald granite peaks popping up theatrically out of the surrounding flat plains and some of the most beautiful camping in Namibia. Gross Spitzkoppe is the highest peak at about 600m above the desert floor, or 1728m above sea level. There’s a riot of giant boulders and secret caves, somewhere you can camp in peace or knock yourself out with a festival of hiking or climbing.

I took this photo during my 4 week trip to Namibia in May 2017.