Valensole plateau in Southern France



Set on its plateau in a kaleidoscopic swirl of lavender blue and wheaten gold, Valensole is a picturesque town on the northern edge of the Verdon Regional Nature Park.
With 300 days of sunshine a year, Valensole is true to its name: it comes from the Latin Vallis and solis and means valley of the sun.
The medieval village is built like an amphitheatre on the side of a hill overlooking a small river valley. The streets and alleys snake their way up to the 11th century St Blaise church with its immense bell tower at the top. The church’s façade is in a Provençal Romanesque style and the choir is gothic. Inside, you can admire beautiful stone carvings, the rib vaulted ceilings, the 16th century stalls and the columns’ capitals adorned with acanthus leaves and phantasmagoric figures.

I took this photo during my 2019 trip to France