Through the holder of the lens

About Derrick

I was born in South Africa, then moved to France where I lived for almost half my life. I now reside in Knysna (Garden Route of the Western Province in South Africa)
I consider myself a citizen of the world, as I have had the privilege to travel considerably around the world. I enjoy the wide-open spaces and easy living found in Africa but still appreciate the finer ways of living in France.
Photography has always been a hobby of mine since 1968 (My first camera was a Pentax K1000). However, it is now a passion that gives me so much pleasure but still so much to learn. It is on-going work. Photography is what the holder behind the lens sees. I try to capture and convey the moment forever. But my eye may not see the same light change, shadows or nuances that the end uses sees. Hence is an art form and to be appreciated as such.
I have come to see the world in a hugely different way when I am holding my camera. Details become more important. Light becomes the utmost importance. The mood is brought out.
I am privileged to live in the part of the world where there are is a never-ending quantity of subject matter to shot. Be these seascapes, landscapes.
Please enjoy my humble collection and remember, it can only get better.

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