France 2018

South Africa is my land of birth and where I reside currently. Having both a South African and French passport, going to France is like going to my second home. I have both my daughters residing there.

This year, my trip started in Provence. In this part of France, you can capture the best lavender picture, but you must use your elbows to get a good spot. Valensole has become a hot spot for photographers.

Next on my trip was a one week break from France to Ballybunion in Ireland to play gold and consume fresh salmon. (smile) My golf was so so but the salmon was soooo good.

The rest of my trip was spent with my family in Paimpol in Brittany. I purchased a cycle that certainly helps to get around. Just pop it into the train or bus and off you go.  I took 4 days in the Rennes, Mont Saint Michel region. This was high on my bucket list so glad its now ticked off.

As a special treat to myself, I had a meal in the top class restaurant, Mere Poulard.
It’s a very special place.